News Interview - Media GroupOur training department strives to continually develop comprehensive training seminars to fit the needs of law enforcement professionals. We have a variety of courses that range from Basic to the Advanced level. Our seminars provide the participants with an overview of the media as well as specific proven tools. Each student is taught a variety of A-Block Techniques™ that they can use when dealing with the media. Some of our seminar topics include:

We feel the biggest strength at A-Block is our On Camera Training. Using professional photographers and reporters conducting real media scenarios, course participants go in front of the camera to put the various A-Block Techniques™ to the test. These practical exercises are the best way to gain experience and understanding of what it is like to be on camera in “real life.” Each scenario is reviewed and critiqued by A-Block experts.

In addition to our training seminars, A-Block offers One-on-One and Event Specific Instruction to suit your needs.