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Welcome to A-Block Media Consulting

Working in the arena of public service requires a comprehensive understanding of the media and the challenges it presents. Today’s law enforcement managers recognize that effective media relations are as important as any other aspect of their department’s mission. They know that their organization needs professional guidance from a reliable partner to address their media requirements at both the analytical and operational level.

A-Block Media Consulting, LLC is a Washington, D.C. based firm that brings together the experience and collective knowledge of media and law enforcements experts. This unique collaboration between these two entities provides the foundation for our one-stop service able to meet all the media, communications, and public relations needs of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

Through real world experience, A-Block professionals understand that the factors involved in today’s global media environment call for unique capabilities and support not found in an ordinary media firm. It is the mission of A-Block Media Consulting to provide your organization with the expertise and services necessary to be successful in all media matters. From Training Seminars to Crisis Consulting to our A-Block Forensic Analysis™ of your media policy and practices, A-Block Media Consulting has the solutions that you require.